Teaching Series Graphics

Company: Christ Church

Project Overview: site header, resource images, image for slides, photography

Project Details

Christ Church is a church for the city located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. They are a worshipping community that seeks to announce and embody the story of Jesus that brings about changed lives, social healing, and cultural renewal in Berkeley and Oakland, and through these, the world. For their weekly messages they wanted pieces that could be used at services, on the website, in emails and print, so that people would be visually connected to what they were learning.

For each series of teachings we sought to create a visual representation of what was being processed and discussed. The design for Life 101 was based on a hallway at Cal, while Resolved was created to look like a top secret document. As people were being contemplative in the season of Lent, we created something that reflected a sense of grittiness. Some series needed more sense of the historical, so we pulled in images that we had taken throughout Europe and processed them in a way that their historicity was not lost, but they also felt current and intriguing.

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