Production Studio

Company: Radiologie

Project Overview: logo, icon, illustration, business cards

Project Details

Radiologie is a video production studio in Oakland, CA. They specialize in storytelling. Their favorite conversation with a client is finding out the "why" of their business.

They came to Mazzarello Media & Arts and trusted us with creating their new brand. The logo needed to look good in print and online, but they also needed it to look great on screen as well! During the logo process we listened to a lot of cinema soundtaracks!

Voted East Bay Express Best New Business

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's what Kerwin Kuniyoshi and Jerry Yoon are counting on. Both veterans of the visual-arts world, Kuniyoshi and Yoon launched their new creative production agency, Radiologie, in the wake of a 48-hour film competition that proved that they were compatible work partners. Clients have included a range of cool folks and their business ventures, including chef Rebecca Katz, whose book, Longevity Kitchen, came out in February; Imprint Energy, a tech firm out of UC Berkeley that's revolutionizing the humble battery; and the 2012 Aveda Trashion Show at Ruby Skye in San Francisco (the models' clothes were made of anything that could be recycled, like soda bottle labels, CDs, aluminum pull tabs, and newspaper). Yoon shoots, Kuniyoshi edits, and together they create film that tells their clients' stories with verve and vigor. Will Radiologie prove to be illuminating? For Kuniyoshi and Yoon, the future looks bright."


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