East Bay Non Profit

Company: Project Peace

Project Overview: logo, letterhead, business card, postcard, website

Project Details

Project Peace creates partnerships that work together for just and sustainable communities in Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas. They partner with other nonprofit organizations, for profit corporations, social service providers, and government agencies in order to create a network that works for the betterment of our East Bay communities and cities. They needed an identity reflecting their sense of hopefulness in their complex work.

We wanted to create a look that was both messy and clean, complex and simple; something that would make people feel. We chose distressed and minimal typefaces, and an icon and colors reflecting contrasts. In order to let the logo speak, we went with simplicity on the rest of the designs. However, we wanted to be sure to bring in the oak tree throughout, evoking the justice and hopefulness Project Peace has in their work. 

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