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Company: Forza Institute

Project Overview: logo, letterhead, business card, brochure, website

Project Details

Forza Institute works to help individuals discover their uniquely innate gifts, talents and strengths in an effort to transform groups of individuals into highly functioning and successful teams. Dr. Angela Robles leads teams in a professional consultation, with the ultimate goal of moving them towards performance excellence. A large part of her work has been with top level athletic teams, which she needed reflected in her overall identity, but she wanted it to have the freedom to allow for work with all kinds of teams in the future.

We knew that with a name like Forza we needed to go with a strong typeface that reflected its meaning, complimented by the smaller typeface below. In order to show a sense of growth and the desire to excel, we created a podium above Forza, drawing our eyes upward through the logo. A great example of how a stable base will allow people to achieve. For colors we tied in Dr. Robles passion for her alma mater (Notre Dame) and our love of the Golden Bears (Cal). Colors that both schools and other organizations could connect with. The straight lines and blocks of color influenced the rest of the designs to be be clean and strong.

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