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Every now and then we create something that doesn't fit nicely into a little box. This is where we put it. Sometimes it's a creative project for friends and family, or something playful we do on a day off when we need a break from Photoshop and Illustrator. From working on character voices to creating fun songs for our friends’ kids, we kind of geek-out working on projects outside our typical routine.
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Greeting Cards

We have been wanting to create a way for people to have another way to connect to us as designers. We got a lot of positive feedback on the illustrations on our new website, so we decided to create greeting cards.
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Playing with Paper

After watching the film Independent Lens: Between the Folds, we were inspired to try our hand at origami and folding paper.
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Vector Art Portrait

Every single shape was created with the pen tool, and she controlled the color by adjusting the CMYK on each shape individually.
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These photos were created one afternoon when Bryan challenged himself to make a new face in every frame, snapped second after second.
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Senior Design Show

For Bryan’s senior year portfolio project, he created a conceptual surf and snowboard brand Entropy, shooting all of the photographs himself.
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Film Festival Posters

These film posters were created by Bryan in college as a love letter to German designers (Jan Tschichold) he was obsessing over while in school.
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