Drawings and painting.

It is not all 1s and 0s for us. Sometimes we step away from the computer and create without a prompting from a client. Sometimes those creations end up hung on a wall or in a client project later on. It could start out as a daydreaming doodle or a six-month painting project. One way or another, artwork keeps our creative juices flowing and often brings sense of peace and relaxation.
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Stephanie loves having a pen in her hand and a pad of paper on her lap. Looking at nothing for inspiration, the hand begins to move and the work begins to manifest itself.
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Stephanie recently began to use acrylic paints, these paintings are her exploration of control, color and blending.
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Ink and Graphite

Stephanie’s drawings with pens show her diverse styles, some done slowly and meticulously while others were quickly created.
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Mascara Paintings

Each time the mascara was used in a different way, from long strokes the entire length of the paper, to tiny fragmented strokes and finally strokes going every direction.
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These ink and graphite illustrations were created as way for us to continue to practice our detailed drawing abilities, since neither of us were the strongest illustrators in school.
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All these people were created solely in Adobe Illustrator, intended to be playful and a little bit silly. Some illustrations have been seen on 11 editorial articles on
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All of these images were created for our personal use in stationary, project slides and weekly wallpapers.
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Scratch Board

These scratchboard works were created as Bryan challenged himself to learn to take away color and reveal shape.
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Mike Barnet

Bryan shot these photos, developed and printed them while in university. He wanted to create a dark photo where one would question what they were actually seeing.
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