Finding inspiration all around us gives us a creative high; here's a look at some of the resulting work.

Inspiration breeds creation and we crave it. We constantly look, learn and study to find it. Galleries, music, film, concerts, performances, travel — these experiences expand our minds, our creative palettes. We pour that inspiration and a piece of ourselves into every project, and we often integrate personal work, bringing together the color palette of the Sicilian seaside, tags at a skate park, a photo of a weathered wall, memories. Our lives blur so much with Mazzarello Media & Arts we even get a little depressed at the end of a project.


More than just a logo.

Your company’s identity is more than a logo, but having a good one doesn't hurt.
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Design you can touch.

There is nothing quite like holding a well-designed printed piece, especially if it is yours.
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Your little corner of the Web.

Websites are critical mouthpieces.
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How we see life.

Photography gives us a chance to explore our creativity in a whole new way.
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Drawings and painting.

It is not all 1s and 0s for us.
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Everything else.

Every now and then we create something that doesn’t fit nicely into a little box.
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