Yelp for Business Owners

September 28, 2010 by bryan

We have been able to increase our business exposure and gain new clients using free online listings like Google Business Listings and Yelp.

If you are a business owner, take a few minutes this week, log into, and start building a rich profile. If it’s partially complete, finish it. These tools give you an important voice on Yelp and allow you to put your business’s best foot forward. Here are six things you can do to increase your business’s exposure on Yelp.

Your Business Owner Account allows you do some great things:
1. Respond to reviews (great client outreach tool)
2. Announce events and special offers
3. Upload as many photos as you would like
4. Tell your story: give users a blurb about yourself, your business’s history, and your specialties
5. See how many people are viewing your business page (This is really helpful)
6. Link to additional locations or friends’ businesses using the “Recommended Business” feature (great way to network)

Investing fifteen minutes in your business’s online presence can pay off.

View our Google Business Listing

View our Yelp business listing


Repurposed from Yelp email newsletter, "Week of September 27".

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