Winter 2012 Projects

February 28, 2012 by bryan

We are so excited when we get to work on projects that are extensions of our personal passions.

This winter we have been working on logo, print and web work for the Project Peace Speaker Series titled The Slave Next Door and the new website and email campaign for the non-profit Zagaya. Be sure to check out the portfolio section of our website to see additional projects.

The Slave Next DoorThe Slave Next Door

The Project Peace Speaker Series is proud to host Dr. Kevin Bales, one of the world's leading experts on modern-day slavery, for a night of information, inspiration, and action. It is a reminder that we all can make a difference with one of the great moral callings of our time.

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Zagaya was established as a non-profit organization, to ensure access to affordable malaria treatments in the developing world. Zagaya licenses technologies that allow them to partner and collaborate to solve problems. The cure exists and no child should be without it. 

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