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February 29, 2012 by bryan

We love learning about inspiring people, thoughtful music and exciting ideas. Our fantastic friends are always sharing new stuff with us, but we also get mental stimulation from the sources below.

The Treatment

  • What: A radio program where Elvis Mitchell talks film and life with today's creators of culture.
  • Why: We love thinking about how movies are made. This show takes both a very personal and big picture look at film.
  • Where: KCRW The Treatment website

New Band of the Day

  • What: An ongoing list with writeups about new and inspiring bands written by Paul Lester.
  • Why: It is hard to find new music with all the choices today. This makes the process much more fun and easy.
  • Where: The Guardian New Band of the Day website


  • What: A radio program discussing local, national, and international issues hosted by Michael Krasny.
  • Why: Each day there is some new topic or interview with a variety of perspectives. It helps us wake up and think critically.
  • Where: KQED Forum website

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