Vampires, Blutbads and Walkers...Oh my!

February 19, 2012 by Steph

We are not huge fans of horror movies. In fact, I still have nightmares from seeing a small part of A Nightmare on Elm Street in 6th grade. However, we are constantly drawn to vampires, werewolves, zombies and other creative monsters in television and film. Maybe it’s the winter weather getting to us, but we have been obsessing over several monster shows including Being Human (UK), Grimm on NBC and The Walking Dead on AMC.

Being Human (UK)
The show is about how a vampire, werewolf and ghost live together in a house in Bristol, and work at a local hospital. Everything about this concept is interesting to me. How did they all become friends? Why is the ghost still here? How can a vampire work at a hospital? Then the bigger questions keep me coming back for more. What makes us human? When do we lose our humanity? The show allows us to consider a world where there are vampires overcoming addictions, werewolves working on anger management, and ghosts conquering co-dependency. A world where monsters are more human than we imagine.
This is a show that I thought I wouldn’t like, but with each episode I find myself liking it more and more (a good part of that is due to the clever acting of Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe and the fact that they actually filmed it in Portland). At a basic level it is a crime show where all of the criminals happen to be monsters and the main detective a descendant of the Grimm family. The monsters are interesting and complex, and the writers have done a fantastic job of making them believable. I like battles of good vs. evil, but even more when the lines of where good and evil begin aren’t quite clear. Any show that can make me laugh out loud, jump in fear and tell an interesting story in under an hour, is worth watching.
The Walking Dead
Since it is a show about zombies and the end of the world, there are monsters and beautiful shots of desolate cities, but there is also great acting and storytelling. The show brings forward the same interesting questions presented by Lost, Battlestar Galactica or Lord of the Flies. How do we as humans react in disastrous situations? Do we resort to chaos or come together for the future of humanity? Are we able to look forward and dream? Who finds freedom in starting life over? Of course, it is still a zombie show, so be prepared for creepy chase scenes and gruesome deaths. The fear is part of the fun after all.


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