The Woz

November 30, 2010 by bryan

Together with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak created the first commercially available personal computers and helped establish home computing for the masses. The two Bay Area men went on to found Apple Computers, Inc. Where would we be without the personal computer? Where would our industry of graphic design be without the computer?

Stephanie and I love Apple computers. We have made our career on their innovative machines. We owe whole bunch of gratitude to "The Woz" and Jobs. Watch this awesome video we found on the new website Wozniak talks about how he approaches computer engineering as an artist. I love his enthusiasm and charisma for inventing. What is great about him as well is that it is never for invention's sake, but to make computers work for the individual.

Watch more: Wozniak talks about "fun" as a driving force behind what he does, whether its playing pranks, playing Seqway polo, or designing machines. That idea and his constant tinkering led him to designing the Apple I and II, computers he said were built for fun.

Watch the Complete Interview
Download the Interview Transcript (PDF)
Download the Highlight Video Transcript (PDF)

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