Teaming up with Rewardy

June 1, 2011 by bryan

RewardyToday we are excited to announce that Mazzarello Media and Arts is teaming up with Rewardy, a mobile loyalty stamp card app for your iPhone, Blackberry and Android phone. We are happy that we can provide this proven technology to our clients here in the Bay Area.

I am sure you can agree that getting a stamp on your loyally card at your local coffee shop or gelateria is a great idea. Buy 10 get one free, right? I myself carry about nine cards with me. I have one for Lush Gelato, one for Grand Lake Coffeehouse, one for the burrito bar at WholeFoods and I love taking advantage of them, when I remember to pull it out or search for it at the bottom of my satchel. The problem is I always forget to get them stamped. So now I actually have three Lush Gelato cards, each with 2 stamps.

But now with Rewardy, a single app you have on your mobile phone, people can carry their card with them at all times. Rewardy is ideal for cafes, bars, spas, eateries, laundries, and many more types small businesses.

Paper based Loyalty Stamp Card is a traditional and an efficient way for businesses to retain and reward their loyal customers. The new Rewardy Mobile Loyalty Stamp Card application is now taking this proven marketing tool to the next level.

How does the Rewardy service work, you ask?  A customer learns about the card via a flyer or a sticker that you place at your business (provided to you by Rewardy). If they do not have the Rewardy Free app installed yet, they download it for free from the App store and select your business card. To stamp a card, you ask the customer to hand over to you thephone, and stamp it by entering your password. When you stamp the "free" spot, you give the free item to the customer and the card resets automatically.

Find out how Mazzarello Media and Arts can set your business up with a Rewardy customized account and marketing materials!


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