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August 6, 2013 by bryan

Savvy Bride - The Marketplace for Trusted Wedding Vendors

We wanted to tell you about a special company that we are a part of called, Savvy Bride. If you know anyone getting married in the next year, send them to We did the brand identity, collateral and website design for the company and Stephanie and I are also co-founders. The Drupal backend was done by the brilliant developer and partner, Chris Powell in San Francisco. It all started when founder and CEO F.C. Wong contacted us two years ago with his dream. F.C. Wong is an award-winning wedding photographer for the last 10 years, he specialized in organic, natural light wedding photojournalism. His minimalist approach and timeless photographs have garnered worldwide recognition. He has traveled to destinations around the globe for his clients including Europe, Asia, Central & South America, The Caribbean, and all over the United States.

Savvy Bride was co-founded by a passionate team of professionals with backgrounds in wedding photography, design, marketing, and web development. We’re all small business owners, and we understand how time-consuming marketing can be, especially when you have to wear every other hat in the business. So we wanted to create a site that helped vendors fill their calendars with work, and at the same time helped clients find value in the perfect wedding vendor.

Savvy Bride brings together clients and top wedding vendors who are offering coupons for their services. Brides and grooms can come to one place to find all the top vendors in their area, from photographers to jewelers, planners, venues and more! Best of all, we’ve rigorously vetted our vendors to make sure they are amongst the best in their industry, saving clients not only money, but precious time as well.

Clients can feel confident when visiting Savvy Bride that not only will they find all of their needs in one place, but all of the services offered will be of the highest caliber. Without a doubt what separates Savvy Bride is the quality of our vendors. Only about 1 in every 15 applicants are accepted as a part of our team. We call them our “members,” because it’s truly an exclusive club. Yet, while they partner with Savvy Bride, our vendors remain fully independent companies on their own, and fully invested in the satisfaction of their clients. Savvy Bride lists only 20-30 of the best vendors in each category for each region, because who has time to look through a hundred vendor listings, right? So we’ve simplified that process for our clients, by vetting our vendors beforehand to make sure that they not only produce great work, but that they’re also trustworthy, experienced and dependable. 

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