March 3, 2010 by bryan

We love exploring. We especially love exploring cities. One can never tell what is around the corner unless one looks. We love that. One of our favorite things to do in a new city is to stroll and just take it all in.

When we visited Paris this past summer we had the chance to stay with our dear friends Aurélie and Giuseppe. Aurélie is a costume designer in the French film industry and they have great taste. They live in a very cool neighborhood call Saint-Ouen just outside the center of Paris. Saint-Ouen is home to the famous Paris's flea market (marché aux puces). This neighborhood has tons of texture and variety and is no surprise that our wallpaper comes from this street.

We found lots of old walls that for decades have been plastered with signs and advertisements for different market stalls. We just love the way the wall carried history and wore it well. We hope you can enjoy it as well.


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