Public Profit Branding

February 16, 2010 by bryan

We had the privilege of working with a fantastic client from Oakland. Public Profit works to improve the effectiveness of public service organizations like nonprofits, education, and government and helps them manage what matters.

We were very excited when we sat down to our first meeting with Public Profit because we could tell from the beginning this would be a good partnership! That is important when helping a brand start from scratch on all their design materials.

Public Profit made it very clear who they were and who their clients were. Once we got the full picture, Stephanie and I went to work, creating a color palate, choosing a typeface, and creating ultimately a new face for their organization.

Our contact Corey, was very responsive and helpful in responding during the process and very quickly we were able to build a catalog of materials:
  • logo
  • business card
  • letterhead and envelope
  • postcard/handout

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