Pheobe in Wonderland and Blame It on Fidel

September 14, 2009 by steph

This last weekend we watched two films that focused on the lives of children, but they were not movies made just for kids. Both Phoebe in Wonderland and Blame It on Fidel take us on journeys as the world is changing around the lead characters. The main characters struggle with feeling a loss of control in their lives and have to mature greatly over the course of the film to deal with the circumstances they encounter.

The films are full of emotion, pain, laughter and talented children actors. Kids that already know how to make the viewer laugh and cry in the same scene. Kids that could teach some adult actors a thing or two.

While the stories are very different, they seemed a nice complement to one another, helping us to recognize that the lives of children are not as simple as we might remember.

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