October 12, 2009 by bryan

I love Paris. I love the people, the architecture, the parks, the food and the feel. It is a city that feels like nowhere else on earth. So when I saw the advertisement for the movie entitled Paris (and starring Juliette Binoche), I knew I had to see it.

The film was lovely and interesting, like taking a stroll through the city for 2 hours. And while it is a love letter of sorts to the city, it is a love letter that is full of true moments with real characters feeling a spectrum of emotions.

It showed me the Paris that I love, but often do not see in film. The Paris full of diverse landscapes and ethnnicities, temperamental weather, fragrant markets and shops, and beautifully quirky people that you feel like you must have known somewhere/sometime before. A city that is not perfectly pristine for tourists, but a city that is lived in and real.

If you love the city of Paris for its beauty and flaws and everything in between, this is a film to watch.

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