Online vCard Converter

October 7, 2009 by bryan

VCard to CSV LogoAre you looking for a tool that can convert vCards to CSV files? Maybe you are getting ready to do an email blast but you are not sure how to upload your Apple Mail contact list into a commercial email tool like Vertical Response.

You could go through the agony of copying and pasting each name into the tool or use the Online vCard Converter.

  1. Simply drag your contacts onto your desktop. The addresses will be changed into a .vcf file.
  2. Point your browser to Online vCard Converter.
  3. Click "Choose File" button and navigate to your .vcf file on your desktop.
  4. Choose CSV format.
  5. Click "Convert" button
  6. Locate your downloaded file.
  7. Upload your CSV file to your email tool.

Online vCard Converter


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