Oakland Athletics Brochure

October 30, 2009 by bryan

We have some very exciting news. Maybe you can guess if you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter.

We got a phone call one week ago today from the ticketing office at the Oakland Athletics. They explained that they needed a rush job on a brochure that needed to be done right away. The brochure is for season ticket holders, inviting them back for another year. 

They had a great concept already and needed a design studio to execute it for them right away. They knew they wanted to stay local with an Oakland design studio, being that they are the Oakland A's. Luckily for us they found us online and gave us a ring. By Tuesday a contract had been signed and designing began and we are happy to announce the project is already completed!

The basic concept is to personalize the direct mail piece with the season ticket holder's name on the cover and then to give the feel of the stadium and ballgame experience. A big emphasis on our time was spent on photorealism of the inside spread as they wanted to take the outfield wall and replace the standard advertising with plugs for the benefits of being a season ticket holder in 2010.

Check out the brochure here.


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