Newly Designed Logos

June 20, 2011 by bryan


We wanted to share with you some recently completed identities for some wonderful brands. We get so much joy helping companies and organizations connect the soul of their brand to the visuals of a logo identity.

We work with such a broad spectrum of clients and this spring's identity projects show that very well. Here are some brands we recently designed:

  • Family Paths - Provides mental health and supportive services with respect, integrity, compassion, and hope to Bay Area families
  • Pig in a Pickle - Marin County BBQ restaurant that supports local, organic, and sustainable agriculture as well as responsible and humane animal stewardship
  • GoodMeets - Bay Area based dot com start-up social network
  • WebEngine - Robust, user maintainable, web development platform developed by Tap Consulting
  • Tap Consulting - Central Coast web development and hosting service provider and long time tech partner for Mazzarello Media and Arts
  • Matter - East Bay video production studio specializing in non-profit commercial videos and wedding videography

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