New Website Launch: MB Realty

October 14, 2009 by bryan

We are happy to announce the launching of a new website for local, family, Bay Area real estate company, MB Realty, Inc. This brother power duo is not new business. Being the fourth generation in Bay Area real estate, Matt and Mike of MB Realty understand the complexities of the local real estate market.

They originally came to Mazzarello Media and Arts to help them develop the look and feel of the company, but as business grew so did their needs. This website offers quite a different feel to most cluttered real estate sites. Let's be honest the real estate world is not known for ground breaking design, so we knew the door was wide open to bring a fresh look to the industry. Reflecting the open and honest hands on service of the Bay Area brothers, we wanted to keep the site clean and open.

Don't be fooled though. This site is powerful. With a custom backend the brothers have entire control over the content of their site from the front page intro text to the contact page photo this Content Management System does it all. Not only that but we integrated a custom listing tool that allows MB Realty to add, delete and sort property listings and add property photos as well. Special thanks goes to Aaron Barker of Tap Consulting for his fantastic CMS.

Take a look at the site:



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