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April 15, 2013 by bryan

Alameda County Public Health Department Sign

We are excited to announce we are working with Alameda County Public Health Department. We have been tasked with branding the Realignment Innovation Fund (RIF).

This past fall, the Alameda County Community Corrections Partnership Executive Committee allocated $1 million in AB 109 funds to a newly created Realignment Innovations Fund – RIF. This fund is intended to support community-based approaches to supporting successful re-entry and reducing recidivism. The Place Matters Criminal Justice team coordinating this grant-making process, including convening stakeholders to define the funding priorities, solicit and review grant proposals, and make funding recommendations. Alameda County’s goals for Realignment, as expressed in Alameda County’s Realignment Plan, are aligned with Place Matters’ Criminal Justice goals of decreasing recidivism and supporting successful re-entry and sentencing alternatives, and coordinating RIF is a step toward supporting Alameda County’s efforts to reach our goals

AB 109

In 2011, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed Assembly Bill (AB) 109 and AB 117, historic legislation that has helped enable California to close the revolving door of low-level inmates cycling in and out of state prisons. It is the cornerstone of California’s solution for reducing the number of inmates in the state’s 33 prison to 137.5 percent of design capacity by June 27, 2013, as ordered by the Three-Judge Court and affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In November 2012, California voters approved Governor Brown’s Proposition 30 which created a constitutional amendment that protected ongoing funding to the counties for Realignment. The amendment prohibits the Legislature from reducing or removing funding to the counties. Learn more

Realignment Innovations Fund

Realignment Innovations Fund (RIF) grants fund innovative, community-based projects that reduce adult recidivism in Alameda County. RIF grants are not designed to support existing or ongoing programs or services. They are grants meant to serve as incubation funds for creative projects that will improve service delivery and strategies in the field of reentry.

The Realignment Innovations Fund is supported by Public Safety Realignment dollars (AB109). The Alameda County Place Matters Criminal Justice Team is coordinating this grant-making process, and will convene key stakeholders to define the funding priorities, solicit and review grant proposals, and make funding recommendations.

Learn more about the Realignment Innovation Fund 

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