Little Dorrit

September 28, 2009 by steph

I never thought I would be writing/typing/saying this, but I really love Masterpiece (Theater). I grew up thinking that Masterpiece Theater was full of strange accents, boring stories and a great thing to nap to. And now I keep finding myself addicted to Masterpiece movies over and over again.

The most recent favorite is Little Dorrit, winner of seven Emmy Awards. It is a great story, full of beautiful cinematography, acting, sets and costumes. It looks at debt, greed, pride, classism in a different time and place, but the story is something that says much to us in our current world.

I watched Little Dorrit online, but the website says that Tuesday (tomorrow) is the last day it will be available in its entirety. However, it is definitely worth putting in your Netflix queue. For more quality online videos, be sure to check out the great PBS' video website.


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