It’s a Hard Knock Life

April 11, 2011 by steph

AnnieI was always a choir/musical kid. Inside and outside of school I liked performing music for others or even just singing to myself. I remembering watching the musical Annie whenever I got a chance, and dreaming of running up and down the stairs and jumping on top of beds. (On a sidenote what was up with the "orphan adopted by rich people" obsession in the early 80’s?).

When I mentioned my Annie obsession with a group of friends it turns out they all grew up watching it too. I had no idea I wasn’t the only one. It turns out kids all over America were watching this musical over and over again and dreaming of having really red and really curly hair.

So after my most recent Annie viewing, we followed it up by watching Life After Tomorrow, about all of the kids that starred in the musical on Broadway. This let us know what it was really like for all of the kids who were able to achieve my dream of being a part of the musical. It was a really interesting look at how adulthood was thrust upon them. The documentary was actually much more fascinating than the musical itself, but I must admit I still loved singing along with every single song.

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