Glimpses of Italy

October 12, 2011 by bryan

We are back from our trip to Italy with inspired minds, satisfied stomachs and anticipating going through all of our photographs from our trip.

While we would love to edit all of our 1,400 RAW images and upload some gorgeous wallpapers, there is also a lot of emails to go through and designing to be done around the studio. 
Since those photos may take a bit of time, we want to give a glimpse of our travels from our iPhone 4 Instagram images. For those of you that already follow us on Instagram, we hope these photomontages include some of your favorites. If you don't currently use the Instagram app, you should check it out because it is an awesome and quick creative outlet. 
We promise some lovely large images will be coming to decorate your computers' backgrounds, but until then we hope you enjoy these little beauties. Enjoy the images of the flavor, travel and art of Italy.

Taste Italy

Travel in Italy

Art in Italy

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