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July 15, 2011 by bryan
As a husband a wife team, we not only have the pleasure of working together, but sharing life together and finding new inspiration. Lately we have been enjoying Oakland Art Murmur, the beauty of the annual pass to SFMOMA, and the Farmers’ market in Oakland.
Oakland Art Murmur
  • Where: Uptown Oakland
  • When: First Friday of the Month
  • Why: Great art, tasty food, fun music and a joyful (slightly eccentric) scene.
  • Where: San Francisco (SoMa)
  • When: M-F 9-5, Sat - Sun 9-5:45
  • Why: Cool interior, interesting exhibitions and the rooftop sculpture garden and coffee bar.
Farmers' Market
  • Where: Splash Pad Park
  • When: Saturdays year round
  • Why: The most vendors, fantastic produce and the Bicycle Coffee stand next to Belgian Waffles

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