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July 12, 2011 by bryan

KTVU Channel 2

In the late afternoon of a very ordinary Monday afternoon on July 11, we got a call from Emmy award winning journalist, Heather Holmes of KTVU Channel 2. She asked if she could come over to do "an on-camera interview" about our graphic design piece we entered in the "I Choose Oakland" campaign. Of course we cleared our schedules and invited her and KTVU cameraman, Ryan, over for the interview.

We were surprised how fast and efficient the interview went. Before we knew it, they had arranged the camera set up, lights and even wired me with a microphone. After it was all over, I wondered what I even said, as time seemed to fly by.

Overall we were happy that we got to represent our wonderful city of Oakland and it was so great to know Heather quoted me on things I love about this amazing city, like incredibly creative people, landscape, transpiration and most importantly exceptional dining!

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