Creatures of the Deep Blue

August 4, 2011 by bryan

Last weekend Stephanie and I spent Saturday afternoon at the 26th Annual Berkeley Kite Festival at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley, CA. We had never been before but our friend Emily reminded us of the famous East Bay event.

We were able to experience the excitement and artistry of modern kite flying, plus all around free community fun in the sun with an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. There was something for everyone at the festival, from the Giant Creature Kites as big as houses which we feature on this wallpaper to kite battles and even choreographed kite dancing!!

Kite Fest


note from the creators of the Giant Creature Kites

Each giant octopus kite is 20-feet wide and nearly 100 feet long. The pod, or “Octopile” as the team likes to call it, flies in perfect formation as if it knew it were part of the team. With all those tentacles floating rhythmically in the air, the Octopile seems to take on a life of its own. “One or two giant Octopi kites are a sight to see,” Wrangler member Tom McAlister, “but when the Berkeley Kite Wranglers fly their Octopile of nine, ten or even more it becomes a wondrously vibrant spectacle you have to see to believe. And once you see it, you will never forget it.”


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