College Football

September 10, 2009 by bryan
"Roll on you Bears" and "Fight on Trojans" because college football season is here. When thinking of things to do during the Autumn months, watching college football is pretty much at the top of our list. Sitting at home with a cold Pyramid Haywire in hand, fresh guacamole and chips on the table, and football on the television is really my idea of a perfect afternoon. It's cheap, it's delicious and it's a whole lotta fun. I plan on making it a regular habit in the next few months.

However, for even more fun, I would say to the football fan and non-football fan alike, going to a college football game in the fall is a must do. We were in attendance for Cal's triumph over Maryland last weekend, and it was an absolute blast. The fog rolled in, the lights shined brightly and the Bears looked spectacular. The pre-game festivities were a lot of fun, and a Maryland fan even treated us to a pitcher of that is good sportsmanship.

So make it out to a game, maybe even this weekend. The Bears are at home, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful...get your tickets!

(And yes, you are allowed to be a Cal and USC fan, it only becomes problematic one day a year.)

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