Christi Foist Shares Some Tips

May 26, 2011 by bryan

Stephanie and I have a great circle of thoughtful friends and colleagues that inspire us daily. It dawned on us that we should share their knowledge with you. So from time to time we would like to have them guest blog on our website.

Christi Foist

This week I would like to introduce you to Christi Foist, writer, editor, knitter and film and music fanatic. She has a great knack for following trends, baking bread, keeping up with the news, and following Bay Area music venues. Christi has a great email she sends out and I thought I would share it with you this week.

Visual Art

  • Crocheted tributes to Banksy are just one of the many forms knitted graffiti takes; the New York Times has a look at the trend sometimes known as "yarn bombing". (See also this SF example I spotted a while back.) Keep your eye peeled for more in mid-June. Apparently the 11th has been dubbed International Yarn Bombing Day.
  • This isn't strictly visual, perhaps, but I could spend hours at a show like this. So many great ideas for repurposing things to use around the home.
  • A closer look at World War II's most famous kiss: this post is a few months old now, but re-examines one of the war's most iconic photos in light of a possible witness' recollection.


  • First Listen brings you Death Cab for Cutie and My Morning Jacket this week. Both stream until May 31, so carve out 45 minutes of your holiday weekend, if you're a fan.
  • Top 10 composers: an 8-year-old's list(s) - This is actually a few months old, a but a delightful response to an article by the Times' critic. And, there's a follow-up video, in which he discusses Lady Gaga, his demotion of Brahms on the list and what he likes about Taiwanese soup. Eight minutes, but a fun eight -- he even concludes by playing a Bach fugue.
  • J. Crew's getting on the music tie-in bandwagon, so if you don't mind looking at some women's shoes in the process, you can get two free songs (I only liked the Sallie Ford one enough to download; the other was more electronic).


  • If you're a fellow Tintin fan, you can check out a preview for the movie version (which has Spielberg and Peter Jackson involved, among others), due out at Christmas.
  • Woodie Allen has a new film out, and so far both the New York Times and Wall St. Journal really like it. I'm rather tempted to go myself.

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