Chaos & Destiny

January 12, 2012 by steph

In the past few months I have been working and thinking about patterns inside of chaos, tendencies amongst chance. That when we step into something it may seem like everything is taking place randomly, but as we pull backwards trends slowly appear. I guess the same can be said for when we zoom in tightly/microscopically and begin to see the structures that exist as well. Life seems full of chaos and structure, chance and destiny.

When I first saw the structure of DNA in high school I found it fascinating, both the shape and the way everything matched up so precisely. These tiny and miraculous building blocks. In math, I loved figuring out the shapes that existed inside the functions. That numbers and letters could tell us something about lines and space.

While I continue to delve into my ideas and create new work, please enjoy these wallpapers that are photographs of my recent explorations with ink.




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