Billy the Kid

September 21, 2009 by bryan

We recently saw an awesome tip on Facebook from an old college buddy, Josh Forbes, who now happens to be a genius music video director. He did one of our fav videos for some other college friends, Cold War Kids.


The recommended film is called Billy the Kid. We were really impressed with the how the director, Jennifer Venditti, had the ability to tell a very engaging story about a struggling teenager from small town America. Turns out the director has had a good career as a casting director and has met people all over this nation. She had kept notes and audition tapes of many real, non actors that she found compelling. One of those people that stuck in her mind was a kid named Billy from Maine.


Here is what the director says:
The film captures a moment in Billy’s adolescence when his thoughts, dreams, and actions are still actively designing his future. Ultimately, I feel Billy’s journey is connected to all of ours and that what we strive for, no matter how different we seem, is the same: acceptance, understanding, and love.

I intend to continue making films that challenge the viewers’ expectations, and my hope is that audiences will leave the theater either inspired or unsettled enough to start their own discussion.
We highly recommend this glimpse into the life of an outsider. We hope you too will be filled with compassion and curiosity about those that do not fit into society's little boxes. Maybe this film will inspire you to look at people differently or notice someone in your community that deserves your attention. We know we have been changed.


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