Battle of the Bands

April 18, 2011 by steph

Each year around Bryan’s birthday we find ourselves anticipating one of our favorite yearly traditions. We aren’t big followers of traditions in general, we don’t fill stockings at Christmas, we are grossed out by green beer on St. Patricks Day, we are freaked out by the concept of a giant bunny hopping around on Easter, we don’t like loud fireworks shows on the 4th of July, we don’t wear costumes on Halloween, but we love, love, love the Battle of the Bands at UC Davis Picnic Day.

Marching bands from all over the state come together to rage by the river all day long. They play oldies, 90‘s grunge, Lady Gaga and school songs with such enthusiasm. Bryan’s favorite activity is standing in front of each band when it is their turn to play, and getting his ears blown out while dancing to the beat.

It is one of the highlights of our Spring, and Bryan’s favorite birthday event. Next year, mid April, keep your calendars open and be sure to make it out.

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