American Photography: A Century of Images

October 9, 2009 by bryan

Typically our photo posts are used to display our own photography, but since I just viewed American Photography: A Century of Images, it seemed fitting to write about the documentary that explores 100 years of photography in this country. The documentary covers the development of cameras, photography as an art form, photos for personal documentation, the spectacular moments captured on film and much more.

After watching it I wanted to go out with my own camera or look through my own photos, and think about how much life and history has been captured through the lens. I also wanted to set up a darkroom and smell chemicals and feel photopaper and start using film again. I even considered throwing my camera in a bag and driving across country and seeing what really lies inside of these 50 states.

The interviews, the history and the photos are brought together so well, it was interesting, educational and extremely enjoyable. And for any current photographer, a great look into the history of the art form that has grown and will continue to expand and change.


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