How we see life.

Photography give us a chance to explore our creativity in a whole new way. We take pleasure in looking at the world differently and photography lets us show you what we see. Sometimes our photography directly applies to projects like product shots or staff photos, but more than likely you'll see it as a texture or background on a designed piece, a desktop wallpaper or framed on a wall.
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Art Direction

We were asked by Livermore based manufacturer, SolarBOS to photograph their production floor and wharehouse for their new website.
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The Moon

Art Direction

We were tasked by The Moon, a fashion design studio in Oakland, CA, to shoot new photos photos for their upcoming new website we were doing for them.
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Branagh Development

Art Direction

We were tasked by Branagh Development to photograph a luxury home in Layfayette, CA.
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Product Shoot

We originally were tasked to re-design the e-commerce website for Critical Pass, but when the client saw our spec photography ideas for the site, they decided to actually use them.
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Who cannot be inspired by Italy? A country that is full of culture, creative people and fantastic food. Our lens kept finding itself drawn to capture the everyday Italian.
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We are inspired by our favorite European city, Paris. These photos capture our affection for a wonderful city and precious life-long friends we have met there over the years.
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New York


We decided to edit the photos, burning and bleaching, with our experience in mind. Each photo was painstakingly edited to create how that moment felt to us at that particular time and place.
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Our name originates from Sicily, a magical land of warm weather, delicious food, beautiful nature and vivid colors. We have been able to go back several times over the years, and each time it feels a little more like home.
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We think architecture is sexy, and in another life both of us probably would have tried to go to school to become architects ourselves.
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Bryan fell in love with Denmark in the summer of 2000, and we were excited to experience together in Summer 2009. A country known for its clean design, we also found ourselves surrounded by beautiful nature and wonderful people.
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With minimal editing, our images reflect our tiny glimpse into what Sweden has to offer and anticipation to return in the future.
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