More than just a logo.

Your company’s identity is more than a logo, but having a good one doesn't hurt. One of our passions is to help you start from the beginning, create your tailor-made logo and then apply a consistent look to the printed pieces. We are methodical about taking the time to think through color palettes, typefaces and layouts, focusing on creating something that will resonate with you and represent your company well. From initial sketches to finished products, identity projects feel like our little babies.

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iOS App Developers

Focal Shift

We crafted a new brand identity for Bay Area iOS App Developer, Focal Shift, LLC, that reflects the client's love of clean European minimalism.
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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Diggity Dog

Several months ago we were hired by business owner, Donna Milich of Hot Diggity Dog Walking, to upgrade her branding and website.
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Nepalese Chef

Bini's Kitchen

Bini's Kitchen is a nepalese kitchen based in San Francisco. We were inspired by fried eggplant, caramelized onions, and exotic spices from the East. Binita's tagline is "Nepalese Cuisine from the Soul".
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Forest Conservation Group


We were asked to refine the Code REDD logo, create a couple of print pieces and a uniqiue set of iconography.
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Horse Trainer

Love Horsemanship

Love Horsemanship helps people reach their goals and reach their hidden potential with their equine partners. They build communication between horses and humans. They problem solve in troublesome areas, rider and horse development, and competition preparation.
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Production Studio


Radiologie is a video production studio in Oakland, CA. They specialize in storytelling. Their favorite conversation with a client is finding out the "why" of their business. Voted East Bay Express Best New Business.
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voice over artist

David Marell

David Marell's warm, deep and soothing voice that carries reliability, comfort and trustworthiness. David needed an identity that protrayed that smooth style.
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Speaker Series

Project Peace

We were asked by the East Bay non-profit Project Peace to create a promotional campaign for their second annual Project Peace Speakers Series. The topic of the lecture series is modern day slavery.
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Video Producer


East Bay video production studio specializing in non-profit, commercial videos, and wedding videography. Capturing moments that matter.
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Content Management System


WebEngine is a robust, user maintainable, web development platform created by Tap Consulting, a California central coast tech company. Tap Consulting never really had a true logo identity so when they asked us to create a brand and website for their product, we took it as an opportunity to brand them as well.
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Speaker Series

Project Peace

Through our long time relationship with Bay Area non-profit, Project Peace, we received the honor of designing the campaing for "An Evening with Joel Salatin". You may remember Joel Salatin as the outspoken farmer in the film Food, Inc.
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coworking community

ThinkHouse Collective

ThinkHouse Collective is a membership based coworking community for people who work independently as entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, political consultants and lobbyists in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento. This fun and talented group works in an inspiring space in a charming yellow Victorian house.
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San Francisco Mover

Artists Moving

Artists Moving is a professional labor and trucking organization made up of creatives. As artists it was important to them that their logo, print and website be visually interesting and portray their creative spirits.
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Oakland Research Firm

Public Profit

We wanted to stray away from any icons that would narrowly define Public Profit’s work, so we went with the idea that less really is more. An elegant typeface simply bracketed together provided a way for the breadth of their work to be able to show.
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sports consultant

Forza Institute

We knew that with a name like Forza we needed to go with a strong typeface that reflected its meaning, complimented by the smaller typeface below. We created a podium above Forza, drawing our eyes upward through the logo.
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Danville Realtor

MB Realty

In order to soften the logo, we went with earth tones and a soft edged type face. For all of the designs we focused on a fresh look of simple and open designs reflecting that less is more.
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Common Sense Project

Intel Labs Berkeley

We created a logo that referenced their measurement technology where small particles are picked up to create data. In the logo the colors of nature were used showing how they measure what is all around us.
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Property Management Firm

Sterling Pacific Properties

We used the traditionally strong combination of blue and gray, but in warmer welcoming tones together with a modern serif typeface. The logo and other designs are very structured to show their stability and excellent work.
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Seattle Interior Designer

Lisa Blanchard Design

We selected a warm color palette that was simultaneously welcoming and exciting. This was combined with a beautiful type treatment and an original pattern made especially for Lisa Blanchard Design.
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East Bay Church

Christ Church

We aimed to create a logo that reflects the past, but used in a contemporary fashion. The beautiful open historic typeface was an easy place to start, it spoke to us immediately. We created the complimentary icon in the center to be both organic and traditional, something people would innately feel they had seen before.
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Italian Coffee Shop

Caffè Santoro

We created a hand drawn icon referencing a carved initial one might see in old world Italy. It also reminds some people of an S formed in frothy cappuccino foam. In either case, this organic element is brought together with clean type possessing strong circular a’s and o’s that continue to make us think of cups of espresso.
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East Bay Non Profit

Project Peace

We wanted to create a look that was both messy and clean, complex and simple; something that would make people feel. We chose distressed and minimal typefaces, and an icon and colors reflecting contrasts. In order to let the logo speak, we went with simplicity on the rest of the designs.
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Green building consultant

Tysaau Consulting

The design reflects the organic and structured, the coming together of nature and manmade. With the natural and warm green, a strong contrast is made with the white. We wanted to create movement within the layout of type and images, providing a sense of motion and progress.
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Teaching Series Graphics

Christ Church

For each series of teachings we sought to create a visual representation of what was being processed and discussed. The design for Life 101 was based on a hallway at Cal, while Resolved was created to look like a top secret document.
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