Two heads are better than one.

When we married in 2002, we knew right away that we are stronger as a team than as individuals. We rediscovered that two heads are better than one when we began working together on freelance projects. We understood each other's weaknesses and strengths, and communicated easily.

After years of working as in-house designers by day and freelancing by night, we saw clearly that we could have a more sustainable lifestyle if we went full-time with Mazzarello Media and Arts. In December of 2008 we moved back to California and planted our personal and professional roots in Oakland.
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Pronounced Mat-tzar-el-lo, our surname originates from a small village in Sicily called Naso. While there's no direct translation, the root word Mazza means "mallet." So we deduce the meaning as “little mallet” based on the diminutive suffix -rello. We like to imagine it was the name for a skilled craftsman.

Bryan’s great-grandfather, Francesco, came through Ellis Island in 1909 at age 17, and then established a life in Milwaukee.

Media & Arts

Our work is a craft that we nurture beyond design and branding. We recognize a changing world in which we have to adapt with evolving technology and media.

But we also treasure the traditional arts, because design lacking any sense of history and physical creation often feels flat.

Cultivating creative ideas and hand-crafted design

We are more than just graphic designers that make cool images. We want to problem solve with you and find the best solution for your needs. Each piece we create is crafted just for you. There is no template or mold, just our hands creating something to help you connect with your audience.