Math nerd turned uninhibited artist


Art Director


color driven, organic elements and playful illustration

Education & Experience

I received a BA in Sociology, which heavily influences my passions and my thinking about how art and design affect people.


beautiful color palettes, music that makes me want to sing along (Sharon Jones and Over the Rhine), watching international soccer, National Geographic, The Spoon Book
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Art Director

As art director, Stephanie integrates an analytical approach to design and programming with an artistic flair for color and patterns. The result is truly innovative work tailored exclusively for her clients.

With a background steeped in science and sociology, Stephanie never imagined a life as an artist. But when she heard legendary self- made graphic designer David Carson speak, her world changed. She left her non-profit job to follow in his footsteps, immersing herself in everything she needed to know about programming and graphic design. Her self-proclaimed status as a “math and science geek” came in handy with design’s technical aspects; she spent long hours becoming an expert at the Adobe Creative Suite. Once she had built a solid technical foundation, she drew on her inherent talent for unique handcrafted art, thoughtful color palettes, and innovative illustrations. Previous to Mazzarello Media and Arts, Stephanie worked for a Grammy award-winning band, designing promotional merchandise, email campaigns, websites, and online marketing materials.

Stephanie’s thoughtful way of seeing the world directly translates into her success as an art director; she works closely with clients to understand and execute their vision, while also gently encouraging them to consider breaking beyond the bounds of fixed concepts to explore the wider range of possibilities.