No ordinary cat


Interim HR Director


Laid back, but also known to chew wires if the team doesn't shut down the computers by 7 p.m.

Education & Experience

Early education from Momma cat, a Nebelung breed, but the rest is street-smarts. Actually, as an indoor cat most education and experience probably comes from Netflix.


Sleeping belly-up, frozen fruit, lettuce, summer strawberries and stone fruit, sleeping in the sunshine, catching flies, playing chase and a nice kitty massage.

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First experience in installation art

As a kitten Baz was already special. He was social for a cat and chatted with us as we walked around the house. We used to put him in the bathroom at night just so we could sleep. He must have thought it was his own private studio because he decided to work on an installation piece one night that was both chaos and order, beauty and destruction, it was actually quite moving. And his next piece that we refer to as “Swiss Cheese Sweater: A Love Affair With Wool”...the meticulous work of his deconstruction hasn’t been equalled.

A California kitty

When we moved to Seattle Baz was up for the adventure. As he looked out the window on our drive north, he seemed ready for anything. Once February arrived he panicked at the realization that he had actually left the California sunshine behind. You see, Baz is a true Californian (probably 3rd or 4th generation). He loves a backyard bbq, naps in the sunshine, drives on the coast with the windows down, and Seattle never quite sat right with him. He thought the people were nice and the city beautiful, but he wanted to come home. When we decided to come back to the state where we were all born, we were excited, but Baz most of all. He now finds every speck of sunshine on our wooden floors and naps away the day. 

Emerging vegan lifestyle

The first time we pulled frozen pineapple out of the freezer, we knew we had found ourselves a unique cat. Baz went crazy for pineapple, licking it until it completely disappeared. (Who knew pineapple could be licked away?) This love of pineapple developed into a fruit obsession: strawberries, apples, pluots, cherries, mango, and more. Then came a craving for lettuce, black beans and curried lentil soup. He is the healthiest 5-year-old cat we know. The one thing we dread is breaking the news to him that his absolute favorite, smoothies, actually contain dairy...the devastation.Illustrations


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