Learning each new client's story fuels our creativity, so we invite you to learn a bit of ours.

Call us the curious couple. When we meet new folks we have a tendency to pepper them with questions. We can't help it — we find inspiration in learning about others' journeys. And since we're married (yes, we live and work together and still love each other), we get a lot of questions ourselves: how did you figure out you could work together? Who does what? What's it like to have a cat as an HR director?

So here's a snapshot of us. And as long as we're sharing, under passions and resources you'll learn about some of the things that make us better at what we do.


Meet Bryan, Stephanie and Baz Kitty.

Stephanie, Bryan and Baz

As a husband and wife team, we each bring our own set of skills to Mazzarello Media and Arts.
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Two heads are better than one.

Mazzarello Family

When we got married in 2002, we knew that as a team we were stronger than as individuals.
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Our Passions & resources

Tools, tips and tricks.


We’ve collected quite a list for our tool box over the years and, whether they fall under passions or resources, we recognize them as essential to our creative work.